Marketing budgets asking for an idea of expectations often attracts some interesting responses, but it’s really not a trap!

It is inevitable, though. At some point in pre-proposal discussions, you will be asked if you have a budget in mind. If this makes you nervous about answering, for fear of inflated rates, this video explains why consultants and agencies ask this question and why your answer is important. Clue: It’s not about how much to charge you – it is about managing expectations.

How Marketing Budgets Help

Consultants love to have a budget. Marketing budgets are necessary, particularly for consultants, because they help calibrate your available resource against your planned marketing activity to ensure we can realistically meet any agreed goals and targets. Simply speaking, if you want the moon on a stick, you need to have either a budget which allows us to undertake the activity required to get you there OR you need a long-term plan to set out the goals and spend in the interim.

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