Voice Search is going to continue to grow in 2021. Over 55 % of British Households are now using voice tech to search the internet and make purchases. However not many businesses are optimising for voice search. To maximise this opportunity, marketers must evolve their SEO and keyword strategies to include Voice Search Optimisation (VSO) to rank on the major SERPs. Find out how to get ahead of the game in this video from our Founder, Shells Milne.

If you use Siri, Cortana or Alexa or have asked your sky remote to find your favourite TV show, then you have been using voice technology. The search results you receive are based on effective VSO.

So Why is VSO a Big Deal?

Voice requests are not as searchable as text. Google is redeveloping its algorithm to better understand how to provide relevant answers to search queries from users. In order to do that Google will be using long-tail keywords to catalogue and find the sites that provide the answers.

With high levels of consumer use by people of all ages, Voice-based search is only going to grow in popularity. Already, over 55% of households are using smart speakers so if you’ have not added optimised for voice in your keyword strategy, then you risk falling behind.

The younger generations are using this to great effect; 65% of 25-49year olds use voice to search at least once a day, followed by 59% of 18-24year olds. Surprisingly the older generations, are also attracted by the accessibility opportunities it presents. Voice search removes the need to engage with fiddley buttons, complicated apps and interfaces. This makes searching easier for those with sight or mobility impairments.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

If you want to remain competitive make sure you’ve got a long tail and keywords factored into your keyword strategy. Voice search will not be a standalone requirement. You are not going to be able to create voice specific pages. VSO will need to be incorporated into your overall SEO strategy. Google is not going to rank high pages that are only optimized for voice or those only optimized for search. A holistic strategy that encompasses everything that google needs to know is imperative to its success.

Finally, much voice-based search is conducted off-screen so results need to be available in a non-visual way wherever possible.

Our top tip for 2021 to keep ranking high in google – evolve your keyword strategy. If you do, you will find yourself far more competitive. If you don’t – you will fall behind.

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