Marketing Trends come and go but it’s inarguable that 2020 raised the bar for digital marketers, making the online space far more competitive.

Many businesses who were perhaps reluctant to embrace the full potential of the online opportunity, found themselves in the unfortunate position of playing catch up to those who were already established. The nationwide lockdown highlighted the importance of a strong digital presence, favouring those who had previously invested in developing strong tactical delivery, underpinned by a considered and achievable marketing strategy.

It’s clear that the world has changed in the last year, as we adapt to a digitally-lead economy. As marketers we need to consider which consumer behaviours are here to stay, what’s going to drop off and what’s gone for good?

This knowledge will help us to shape strategy and forecasts that will clearly define our priorities and allow businesses to adapt and adjust to any new or unexpected realities created by this pandemic and the shifting sands of how we conduct business.

So I wanted to share with you six things that our founder Shells Milne thinks will continue into 2021 and should be factored into your strategy for 2021/22.

This video highlights six key trends that you should be aware of if when planning your strategy including:

1. Post-Covid Response and Consumer Buying Habits
2. 3rd Party Cookies no more 🙁
3. Brand Advocacy
4. User-Generated Content
5. Live Streaming
6.Voice Search and SEO