Element 62 - The Digital Marketing Toolkit

Marketing On Your Own Terms

We offer three digital service models that cater to the unique needs of your business

Do It Yourself.

We get it. Sometimes you know exactly what you want for your business and how to interact with customers online. We simply provide you the tools and training you need and then you’re off to conquer the digital world on your own terms..

Done With You

We team up and share the workload on a level everyone is comfortable with. We’ll take on the responsibilities you don’t want to worry about, like listings management, review monitoring, and social posting.


Done For You

If you’re too busy to worry about marketing, we can do most of the heavy lifting for you. We can take a deep dive into learning all we can about your business and customers so we can communicate your brand effectively.


Stop Juggling.

Start Making An Impact.

You are a passionate business owner, dedicated to providing products and services which benefit your community. You spend your day, juggling service delivery while seeing clients and managing all of the day-to-day tasks of running a business but with only a few hours in a day, there is a limit to what you can achieve. You feel like you are only just scratching the surface of your business potential.  You know there has to be a better way.

Now there is….

Welcome to the DIY Digital Marketing Toolkit. 


Grow your reach. Grow your sales. Grow your business.

  • Reach your goals with our essential online marketing tools in one simple interface.
  • Build a better and stronger online presence with reputation management, social marketing, responsive websites, review generation, and listings management tools making it easier for customers to find and trust your business.

With one simple, easy-to-use interface, our Digital Marketing Toolkit provides solopreneurs, small and local businesses  the essential foundations for online success

from just £69.99 per month.

The Digital Marketing Toolkit Includes:

Element 62 - Action Centre

Action Centre

Your business home on the internet saving you from constantly logging in and out of all your marketing tools and centralising your online operations.

Element 62 - Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Monitor and manage all aspects of your online reputation, including listings, reviews, mentions and more.

Element 62 - Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing

Grow your fanbase on social media, find real-time leads and share relevant content across all of your social channels..

Element 62 - Customer Voice

Customer Voice

Review management is essential. Discover a powerful customer feedback tool that will have your clients seeing stars!

Element 62 - Listings Management Tool


Claim, update, and fix business listings across 300 directories and websites that control local search and inform your brand

Element 62 - DIY SEO Tool


Increase your ‘findability’, gain trust and rank against your competitors to claim your share of online sales and brand presence. 

Element 62 - Websites and SEO

Website Design

Strengthen your online visibility with responsive, mobile-optimized websites that customers and search engines love.

Element 62 - Easy Google Ads Tool

Easy Google Ads

Use our AI Advertising tool to simplify and maximise your google ads and clearly understand what’s working for you.

Element 62 - DIY Digital: Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Get data-driven with our integrated analytics and advertising intelligence tools to learn more about customers.