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Element 62 - Brand Value

Brand Value – Why it matters

If, like many of us, you are wondering where the money is right now, the short answer is Tech. And the figures are mind-blowing! Tech companies dominated the Best Global Brands 2020 report from Interbrand with Apple, at an estimated $322.9 billion as the company with the largest brand value. Amazon follows at $200,677 million,…
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Marketing Budgets; Why consultants ask and why you should answer!

Marketing budgets asking for an idea of expectations often attracts some interesting responses, but it’s really not a trap! It is inevitable, though. At some point in pre-proposal discussions, you will be asked if you have a budget in mind. If this makes you nervous about answering, for fear of inflated rates, this video explains…
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Voice Search and SEO

Voice Search: How to Rank in 2021

Voice Search is going to continue to grow in 2021. Over 55 % of British Households are now using voice tech to search the internet and make purchases. However not many businesses are optimising for voice search. To maximise this opportunity, marketers must evolve their SEO and keyword strategies to include Voice Search Optimisation (VSO)…
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2021 Marketing Trends - ELement 62

Futureproof: Marketing Trends 2021

6 Marketing Trends To Expect in 2021 Marketing Trends come and go but it’s inarguable that 2020 raised the bar for digital marketers, making the online space far more competitive. Many businesses who were perhaps reluctant to embrace the full potential of the online opportunity, found themselves in the unfortunate position of playing catch up…
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Element 62 - Aberdeen Marketing Consultancy

Know Your Need – Maximise ROI on Consultancy.

Consultancy and Agency/Do-It-For-You Services are not the same thing. So in a world full of consultants, freelancers, agencies and contractors, how do you know what you need? As a consultant, one of the first things I need to ascertain is if the client has a real need for a consultant or whether they require services…
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