How your online reputation is impacting your business

How your online reputation is impacting your business

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How your online reputation is impacting your business

It’s a fact of life that you can’t please all the people, all of the time.  And while a negative comment here or a bad review there may not seem like a big deal,if left unchecked,this kind of negative feedback can quickly have a negative impact on your business. 

Managing your online reputation not only helps presents your company as an industry expert or authority, but it can be instrumental in driving more business to your door, and that translates into real revenue.

Using tools and strategies to enhance your online reputation can be a game-changer, in the current climate. What people say about your business matters, and negative comments can be damaging. 

Did you know that; 

  • 87% of customers will read online reviews before buying
  • 83% will depend on word of mouth recommendations
  • 67% said that online reviews directly influenced their decision

Those are big numbers, and with so many buyers being affected by what they read, it really is important to pay attention to how your business is perceived online.

If your company is relatively new and you are lucky enough to not have any negative reviews, you may still be affected as potential customers looking for information perceive not enough reviews almost as badly as negative reviews.

What can you do?

Tracking and improving your online reputation may seem like a monumental task, but it’s not without its advantages. Evaluating and improving your online reputation will help you to represent your business well in the digital space. Managing your companies reputation effectively can help you to reach more potential clients, grow your customer base, and succeed in the long term.

Element62 supports companies by providing a Digital Marketing Toolkit to help small business users and solopreneurs to manage their online reputations, listings, and reviews all from one easy to manage location. 

Improving your online footprint and brand presence can be done by using our one-stop platform to –

  • Evaluate your current online reputation 
  • Assess your business image
  • Be more active on social media
  • Manage online content
  • Encourage positive reviews

Building a positive image by getting active across all of your social media channels will help you create trust and by personalizing your business you can drive more engagement. Being active and accessible may also help to remove or negate negative content as it ages. 

Along with reinforcing your brand, good online reputation management shows your client base that you are responsible and trustworthy. Improving credibility with transparency and a consistent brand message can turn your company from one that looks questionable, into one that customers want to do business with. 

Among Millenials and Gen Z buyers, a digital footprint is essential to review the activities and review suitability of possible businesses. So if your product or service targets a younger generation, having a good online reputation will reach this market segment where they interact most. 

While solid management of your online presence will drive business and attract new customers, it will also help you to retain existing clients. Being active and maintaining social accounts and other online outlets help to keep your business in front of clients both new and existing. 

So the next time they are looking for a product or a service that your company provides, their instinct will be to visit your website or online store first. If you need any more convincing then check out this fact. 

In a survey by BrightLocal, 94% of customers said ‘that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business. “

With statistics like that, isn’t it time you took a good look at your company’s online reputation and used it to generate more business?