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“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” Seth Godin

Target the right people, at the right time. Everytime.

Knowing your product and customers is harder than it sounds. Its easy to waste time and budget trying to reach everyone. By clearly understanding your product proposition and knowing the key buyers, influencers and users of your product or service, your sales and marketing activity will become  more effective.  Call us today for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss persona profiling and product proposition development.

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Marketing Automation & Project Management

Marketing Automation is a process where technology can be used to automate a large variety of repetitive tasks that are regularly undertaken throughout a marketing campaign while collating data on your users and buers.

Element 62, a HubSpot Solutions Provider, work closely with our clients to streamline productivity and build strong client relationships using  HubSpot – a full services marketing, sales and CRM platform which can  help you to grow while saving time, budget and resource.
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Give Yourself a Break

Imagine a world where enquiries recieve instant responses, follow-ups are never missed, social is scheduled and hig-quality, engaging and relevent content answers client queries – even when you are busy at the sharp end of your business?

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Optimise Your Clients Interest

Delight clients with your responsivity, engage them wth your content and learn about them through effective social listening.

Marketing automation helps you to deliver client-first marketing strategies driven by their interest, engagement and consent
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Responsivity Without Sacrifice.

For busy business owners, finding time for effective marketing can be a challenge. By automating your repetitive tasks and communications, you can provide a quality service without sacrificing precious time and resource.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Ian McWatt

Food Standards Scotland

Shelley Milne worked for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Scotland… During this time, FSA managed and led the UK response to a major food incident (horsemeat substitution) which is recognised as one of the busiest periods of media engagement in FSA history…. Shelley successfully led FSA in Scotland’s comms team through this challenging period at a time when comms staffing compliment was significantly depleted. Shelley quickly identified the key organisational risks presented and….

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David Sims

Kishorne Insulations Limited.

Shelley is a consummate professional…  Shelley brought the company out of the dark ages into the digital era. She organised events, promotions, produced video and even created an international link for collaboration which was unique in the industry. As our Chairperson, she dealt with regulatory constraints in her stride and always had the stakeholders best interest in mind. She is such a positive presence in an office and certainly someone who is at the top of her game. I look forward to the next project.

Pete McIntosh

Northsound Radio  (Bauer Media)

I have worked with Shelley in various capacities such as events she has organised as well as marketing campaigns for her clients.  When Shelley organises an event you know it is going to run smoothly, she’s very well organised and ensures perfection down to the smallest detail. I’ve worked on radio creative for her clients and I always enjoy getting a brief from Shelley, she knows exactly what she wants and what will work for her clients and needless to say, their needs are always met. I look forward to many more projects.

Previous Clients

Over the years Element 62 owner, Shelley Milne, has worked with a number of private and public sector companies in the B2B and B2C space ranging from start-ups to well known household names. These include:

Behind the Business….

Meet Shelley, Founder

Element 62

A strategic media and marketing consultant with over 20 years cross-platform experience of Media, Marketing and Events in the public, private and third sectors, I specialise in integrated growth marketing, media support and crisis communications.

Proactive in understanding businesses, stakeholders and individuals, I take pride in developing creative, innovative and profitable media and marketing solutions which build brands, enable sales and help businesses grow.
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So what is
Element 62 and why is it relevant?

Anyone who has ever experienced a lightning storm or the northern lights has witnessed the unforgettable sights produced by the natural magnetism of our planet. No two storms or moon rises are ever the same, and many people wait for hours, days, weeks and months, watching and waiting for the next big show – It’s marketing on an elemental level. 

While researching ways to use her initials in branding the company in a relevant way, founder Shelley Milne discovered Samarium – a rare earth metal and chemical element with the symbol SM and atomic number 62, the major component in one of the most powerful magnets in the world. With near-permanent magnetization, Samarium compounds can withstand significantly higher temperatures, without losing their magnetic properties.

Representing the concept of attraction, retention and problem solving that is at the heart of modern marketing, Element 62 Consulting was born to empower business owners to recognise and unleash the natural magnetism of their business & brand for long-term growth and client retention by better understanding their marketing needs

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